Come Quick Disaster and YeahTotally Gallery

team up to present:

HYPER LIMBO Flyer_Square.jpg

H Y P E R  L I M B O

Curated by Come Quick Disaster at Yeah Totally Gallery

Immersive Virtual Exhibition runs 24/7 > May 20th > June 20th 2021

PV > Thursday 20th May > 5-7pm and 7-9pm (BST)

Transmission from Plastique Fantastique at 6.30pm and 8.30pm

Links to enter Hyper Limbo will become live here on the opening night -


FOR BEST VIEWING EXPERIENCE - Please enter the gallery on your computer using google chrome. You can also use your smart phone.
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Artists: Plastique Fantastique, Jocelyn McGregor, Neal Von Flue, Ally Rosenberg, Sinéid Codd, Baba Ali, Robin Haithcoat, Nayden Hadzhiev & Keef Winter, Henrietta Armstrong, Kirsty Harris.


Surrender to the eternal present where time stops and we are aware of every single detail. Our lives have been hanging in a state of stasis. 

It’s unclear if we’re watching the opening or end credits, do we even exist? 


Everything hanging in the balance. Is this the end in sight?

We turned to the virtual world, a new reality which we can create. A place with no physical limits, where we can be whatever we want to be and can communicate with people across the globe. The work on the “walls” vibrates with pent up energy.

Here! creatures are reaching out, crossing lines, about to evolve and metamorphosis into the unpredictable. Organisms are on the verge of melting into paint and skyscrapers tower over the temple of Dolos. Where tarot cards may predict our next move and art creeps out from every corner.


The void is overflowing. 


Yeah Totally Gallery is somewhere we can travel to without moving, a world with no borders or passports and everyone is welcome. This is a reality made up of zeros and ones, you can fly like a bird and breathe in space. Meet with your friends and make some new ones while experiencing new art born from the most unpredictable time of our lives.

All from the comfort of your own home.


Come and inhabit our realm, as we wait for the unexpected to happen.

Hitch a ride to >>>>> HYPER LIMBO



Yeah Totally: is a new virtual gallery that houses each exhibition inside a segment of a future virtual city designed by Nayden Hadzhiev and Keef Winter. Between the geometrical forms of transport nodes, vertical farms and residential highway intersections, this sci-fi-inspired metropolis situates each curated showcase within a particular locale.

For the inaugural launch they asked Come Quick Disaster, a London-based curatorial collective, to invite selected artists and house their work in our first manifestation; where visitors can access 24/7, walk, run and fly through the work and link to the experience, information and at times acquisition of the objects presented, at the touch of a button.

The immersive private view allows visitors from anywhere in the world to choose an avatar and join us for this unique, social viewing experience of crucial new work.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WIMMIN II, OCTOBER 2019, ENTERPRISE HOUSE, LONDON



ARTISTS: Henrietta Armstrong, Fiona Banner, Lizz Brady, Eleanor Vonne Brown, COLLAGISM, Ana Cvorovic, Ute Essig, Alison Gill, Mars Gomes, Fiona Grady, Kirsty Harris, Hayley Harrison, Joe Hesketh, Sarah Longworth-West, Araba Ocran, Jane Oldfield, Ann-Marie Pena,Zara Ramsay, Fiona Sarison, Elly Thomas, Nadine Tropschuh

WIMMIN II was the second exhibition based around feminist notions and set within touring domestic spaces – typically renowned as the domain of woman. Aside from the traditional setting of raising families, the home has been a point of departure for many forms of social, cultural and political expression throughout history. For example, The Conscious Raising groups of the late 1960s where groups of women would take turns hosting meetings in their homes and the coin was phrased – The Personal is Political. 

WIMMIN was borne out of collaboration and the development of ideas between friends and the community of female identifying and non-binary artists that continues to develop through the project. The collective aims for the artists to widen their networks and share ideas on how they work best; women are less likely to talk about themselves and their artistic practices confidently and so the collective hopes to encourage this. The WIMMIN group don’t see their art world as a competitive space but more of a buddy up system where they can, and do, support each other through skill swaps and labour exchange both in the U.K and Internationally.

The current political climate of danger that women are being pushed towards is worrying and discussions on how to support each other in forcing down laws and amendments, that are currently striving to strip back women’s rights, are essential.